Follow-up: THE SAFETY AND SECURITY DIMENSION OF SPACE VI: R&D, capability development, capacity-building on 25/1/2024

On January 25th, from 10:00 to 11:30, the 6th session was dedicated to exploring space and security policy, along with developments in space-related security capabilities. The discussion covered a range of topics, including the utilization of space for enhancing safety and security, research and development efforts, advancements in capability, and fostering skills within the sector. Ms. Roya Ayazi facilitated the webinar, also incorporating questions from the audience into the discussion.


Mathieu Bataille, Research Fellow and Lead on Security & Defence, ESPI gave an overview of the Space security and defence policies that have evolved in recent years, and the extensive influence of space on the war in Ukraine. Then, Ms Ayazi invites Vasileios Kalogirou, EUSPA Space Downstream R&I Officer, Market & Downstream Innovation, to present the EUSpace4Ukraine initiative, which offers technological solutions aimed at bolstering humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian population.




Next, Florent Mazurelle, Principal Security Strategy Officer Foresight, Strategy & Coordination Department, presented ESA’s R&D, Capability Development, and Capacity-building activities. In addition, Lucie Lachkar, EDA Space Policy, showcased EDA’s new defence capability development priorities. Given that the European Union’s defense minister approved a series of Capability Development Priorities (CDP), she elaborated on these priorities and their objectives as well as the evolving approach to space and potential new initiatives for capability development.


Watch the full discussion here:



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