Invitation April 29, 2024- Humanities in Space: Challanges and Opportunities. Beyond UNIVERSEH – panel discussion and networking event

Space exploration, traditionally associated with science and technology, also intersects with social sciences and humanities due to its profound societal, cultural, and economic impacts. Recognizing the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach, the Beyond UNIVERSEH event seeks to delve into the significance of humanities in space research. Through expert insights and facilitated networking, the event aims to foster dialogue among policymakers, companies, researchers, and interested citizens.


Fill in the attached registration form and send it here by April 14th.


Hosted by Heinrich Heine University, the event titled “Humanities in Space: Challenges and Opportunities” will take place in the heart of Brussels on Monday, April 29, 2024, from 13:30 to 17:30.

Event Agenda:

13:30 Registration

14:00 Commencement of impulse speeches and panel discussion

16:00 Networking session with refreshments

17:30 Conclusion of the event



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