EXPANDEO Event – Sentinel Benefits Study Workshop on 13 June, 11-13.00

NEREUS is thrilled to participate in the EXPANDEO event, featuring the Sentinel Benefits Study (SeBS) Workshop. This event highlights the societal impacts and benefits of using Earth Observation (EO) space data.


NEREUS’ Copernicus4regions collection complements SEBS study by EARSC given that the last one offers a more detailed overview of the societal, environmental, economic, innovation benefits of EO space data. The following NEREUS Members -in a panel moderated by Roya Ayazi NEREUS Secretary General, will discuss the use of EO data in the public sector and its positive societal impacts, with insights from the SeBS transversal analysis.


  • Veneto Region: Salvina Sist (Regione Veneto)
  • Azores Region: Duarte Cota (Azores Region)
  • Brittany Region: Ana Sanchez Lofficial (IRISPACE)


Please find here the programme (link).




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