Workshop in Bologna @ R2B 26-27 June 2024

Within the framework of the 19th edition of R2B, an exhibition held in Bologna on 26-27 June, organized by ART-ER and Emilia-Romagna Region, dedicated to policies and strategies for innovation, the Nereus network will be presented by its Secretary General Roya Ayazi during a workshop titled “Space Data for regional policies” (link). The workshop will address the topic of how satellite data can support regional decision-making processes, in promoting sustainable and resilient communities and will be at 15:00 of June 26th. Enclosed you can find the agenda.

The workshop will only be in presence in Bologna, but in case you are interested in it and, eventually, in other topics or workshops that will be presented during the fair, you are more than welcome to attend. Indeed, it is not necessary to register for the workshops, but it is necessary to register to R2B (via this link) in order to access the fair (and once registered you can create your own personal agenda – here the programme).


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