The Ever Growing Use of Copernicus across Europe’s Regions showcases 99 user stories that describe how public administrations across Europe are using Copernicus data and information to address their challenges and how this is positively impacting the lives of citizens.


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As material to support this publication, NEREUS produced a series of translated videos to explain how public administration across Europe tackle common challenges in a concrete context such as civil infrastructure, agriculture, environmental protection, urban planning and coastal management by developing and using a Copernicus-based product and/or service; derive tangible benefits for their own administrative daily routine and therefore have a positive impact on society; invite other regions to take advantage of the programme’s benefits.


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Magazines/Brochure/Flyers/translated material

Other core digital tools complementing this publication are the brochure, the flyers, and other translated material available to download.



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Here, you’ll have the chance to access and download all presentations from the Copernicus4regions events.


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