Call for proposals Satellite Broadband Internet Access for Educational Multimedia Content to Unconnected Schools, submissions deadline 5/11/2019

The study report “Satellite broadband for schools: Feasibility study” published in September 2017, confirmed that the use of satellite-based access and distribution is an efficient solution to make broadband Internet and educational multimedia contents immediately available to schools that are now unconnected or poorly connected, and may remain in this situation for a few years from now.


The Commission has decided to implement this pilot project through the award of a grant following the publication of a call for proposals.


The general objective of the pilot project is to contribute to assessing the benefits of a broadband connectivity via satellite in areas impacted by digital divide with the support of regional or national public authorities, as a precursor of the even larger benefits that the European Gigabit Society will later make largely available.



In accordance with this objective, the entities allowed to participate in the call must have a clear experience in implementing space telecommunications technologies for the reduction of the digital divide and for connectivity improvement.



The total budget earmarked for this call for proposals is estimated at EUR 950 000.



Please download the document to read in detail about the project and its objectives, application requirements, criteria and the timetable of actions. Deadline for submitting applications: 05/11/2019 – 17:00:00.


Applicants may find useful data and information for the preparation of their proposal by contacting NEREUS.