What we do

Founded in 2007, NEREUS is constituted by 23 European Regions and a growing group of associate members from 9 countries in the European Union.


At the regional level, we seek to:

  • Improve the awareness and understanding of space technologies in member regions;
  • Fully exploit the potential of space applications in support of public policies for a better-informed decision-making;
  • Bridge EU space policies and programs to regional strategies, to better anchor space uses to the needs of territories and citizens;
  • Strengthen and develop local space communities;
  • Raise the profile and visibility of space-related activities and capabilities;
  • Integrate the space dimension in regional innovation and SME programs and policies.


At the interregional level, we seek to:

  • Support local politicians, entrepreneurs, researchers, and students in grasping relevant opportunities at European level;
  • Build strong European partnerships and mobilize solid initiatives in a broad range of sectors;
  • Enhance cross-sectorial exchanges amongst operators from different economic sectors, such as agriculture, digital, tourism, maritime, etc.


At the European level, we seek to:

  • Advocate the key role of regions in developing the space market, by recognizing them as drivers of the demand for space-based services and products;
  • Relay the regional dimension of European space policies and programs towards the European institutions;
  • Provide members with timely information on the latest developments of European space policies and programs related to regional space uses in relevant application domains.


We do this through


Political Dialogue

Interregional Collaboration

Regional Anchorage

Public Outreach

Collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA)

Projects funded by the European Commission (EC)

Information material



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