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CoRdiNet is a Horizon 2020 funded model project for Copernicus Relays (link). The consortium is comprised of five very diverse Copernicus Relays and NEREUS. It has a coordinating function on local, regional, cluster and national level, supporting, promoting and stimulating digitalisation and new business solutions based on Earth Observation (EO) i.e. Copernicus data.


NEREUS is responsible for the financial management of the additional activities of Copernicus-relays across Europe as well as integrating associate partners into the project activities to promote Copernicus.


In order to expand the project objectives and outreach broadly in Copernicus stakeholder communities, a part of the project’s funds has been set aside to support small scale projects of partners outside the consortium. To this end, NEREUS has organised a series of calls for expression of interest to integrate associate partners into project activities. Following the first round of calls last year, NEREUS launched in 2020 another last call. Associate Partners were invited to submit their proposals with the objective to expand the use of Copernicus and advance digitalisation.


Below you find an overview of the process and successful outcomes of the evaluation of the 2nd CoRdiNet-call:


The process and the results


A total of 24 Submissions were received of which 15 Proposals were recommended for funding by the independent expert committee. The proposals with the highest-ranked scores were considered for funding. Mid-May 2020 the CoRdiNet-Team started the negotiations with the selected associate partners. Following these negotiations, 7 out of the 15 projects will be funded and have to be implemented by September 2020 at the latest.


The profile of the participants


In the 2nd round of the evaluation, successful candidates from Belgium, France (3), Germany, Spain and Ukraine are amongst the selected associated partners. Together with the selected Associate partners from the first round of calls, a good geographic coverage in Europe (Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, and Ukraine) was achieved. Most of the partners represent SMEs and the rest are research organisations and one AISBL. Another interesting fact is that 43.33% of the associate partners are female and 56.67 % male. Below you will find namely the respective projects funded by CoRdiNet:



Amongst the successful associate partners of the 2020-call, 2 of them are based in member regions of Bavaria and Occitanie and another two are stakeholders based in the member regions of Brittany and Madrid.


For more information regarding the implementation of all the funded projects, please visit the CoRdiNet website here.


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