NEREUS is organised as a Belgian aisbl (association internationale sans but lucratif/international not-for-profit association). It is financially independent and solely financed by the yearly membership fees of its members. The key bodies of the governance structure are:

AISBL structure

General Assembly

The General Assembly represents all NEREUS Full and Associate Members, and is the key decision-making body and supreme power of the organisation. NEREUS being a network of regions, Full Members play an essential part in it and have full voting rights, whilst Associate Members may only express views in a consultative role and participate in the General Assembly in a non-voting capacity.
The General Assembly elects the members of the Management Board, its President, Vice-President(s) and Treasurer; it decides on the admission and exclusion of Full and Associate Members, approves the budget and annual accounts together with the work programme and activity report, etc.. It is convened once a year.

(for more information on the General Assembly please see articles 11-14 of the NEREUS Statutes)

Management Board

The Management Board is the steering committee of the network; it decides on strategy and monitors the implementation of the work programme. It is entrusted with the overall responsibility of the association management. It appoints the Secretary General. Only the regions (Full Members) may nominate representatives to the Management Board.
Management board members are elected for a 2-year term of office which may be renewed. The minimum number of Board Members, including the President, Vice President(s) and Treasurer, is 3 and cannot exceed 17.
The current Management Board comprises 10 representatives of 10 Member Regions representing 6 Member States:

  • Mr. Wells

    Mr Michele Emiliano


                    Puglia Region


  • Mr. Bruns


    Ms Baerbel Deisting

               Bavaria Region


  • Vice-President

    Bernard Plano


  • Vice-President

    Prof. Mark Lester

                  East Midlands
                  UNITED KINGDOM

  • Vice-President

    Mr Fabrizio Sala

                 Lombardy Region



  • Mr Marcello Pittella             

    Basilicata Region


  • Ms Perdita de Buhr

                 Hessen Region


  • Mr Francisco Wallenstein Macedo

                     Azores Region


  • M. Macszewski

    Mr Krzysztof Maczewski

                     Mazovia Region


  • M. Wolf

    Mr Wolfgang Wolf  Treasurer 

                     Baden Wurttemberg Region <


(for more information on the Management Board please see articles 15-20 of the NEREUS Statutes)


The permanent NEREUS Secretariat is responsible for the daily management of the association, the coordination of the network and the political interest representation towards the European institutions.

The Secretariat is composed by:

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