The Copernicus4Regions initiative explores how other regions in Europe have managed to tackle common challenges, shows the benefits of the Copernicus programme and therefore invites more regions to be involved in the Copernicus ecosystem.


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EO4GEO project ( aims to fill the gap between technological developments and specific skills for people who are able to drive and support change in space/geospatial sectors (e.g. ICT). The main output will be the definition of a long-term sectorial skills strategy for space/geospatial sectors. The project is funded as an Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance gathering 26 partners from 13 EU countries, most of which are part of the Copernicus Academy Network from academia, public or private sector active in the education and training fields of space / geospatial sectors. EO4GEO is additionally the Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills funded for space/geoinformation sector. The project kicked off in January 2018 and has a duration of 4 years. NEREUS is a work package leader for all communication and dissemination activities such as organising outreach workshops to promote the project’s activities towards regional stakeholder communities.


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CoRdiNet is an open network of five very diverse Copernicus Relays with a coordinating function on local, regional, cluster and national level, supporting, promoting and stimulating digitalisation and new business solutions based on Earth Observation (EO) i.e. Copernicus data. The Horizon2020-funded project is led by the Bavarian network partner bavAIRia e. V. and the University of Leicester (East Midlands) and the Tern-Consortium (Basilicata) are amongst the consortia partners. NEREUS is in charge of integrating external partners into the activities and is responsible for a fund of 100.000 EUR to support additional activities of Copernicus-relays across Europe. The project kicked off in October 2018 and has a duration of two years. NEREUS has a coordinating role with respect to the project funds (100.000 EUR) aiming at the integration of external partners of more than 20 Copernicus innovation actors.


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IMPRESSIVE project aims at developing a universal relocatable platform to track in real-time marine pollution events in the wider area of EU harbors. A consortium of 12 partners, from the business, research and institutional sector will work towards the development of a platform which will be comprised of remotely operated sophisticated tools integrated with very high-resolution models and EO products for pollution control in harbors and coastal areas; a graduated system of alert that will help to cope with and as quickly as possible.

NEREUS is tasked to support all dissemination activities and mainly organise the final conference in Brussels to present this novel product to EU representatives and interested stakeholders.


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The SPACE GIRLS SPACE WOMEN exhibition by SIPA PRESS aims at showcasing the broad range of opportunities in the space sector with portraits by female reporters of women with their heads in the stars, passionate about space, and contributing to the space adventure with their daily work.

NEREUS is committed to promoting space awareness towards broad audiences: sponsoring the exhibition, together with the European Space Agency and other partners, is in line with its mission. NEREUS members benefit from advantageous conditions to host the exhibition at a local level.

We strongly encourage more members to grasp the opportunity and become one of the hosting regions in 2020!

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