Regional User stories

Following the successful publication of “The Ever Growing Use of Copernicus across Europe’s Regions- a selection of 99 user stories by local and regional authorities” (download and order free copies), NEREUS in cooperation with the European Space Agency and the European Commission moves on with the production of 5 promotional videos describing how public administrations across Europe are using Copernicus satellite data and information to impact positively the lives of citizens.


Copernicus4Regions is a collection of 99 user-stories with a strong focus on Public Authorities who are the key potential users of Copernicus data. These stories collectively testify to the Programme’s contribution in modernising the public sector and enabling it to deliver more efficient public services, thereby contributing to an increased quality of life and level of satisfaction for European citizens. Copernicus is the EU-led programme looking at our planet in support of the environment and emergency management for the ultimate benefit of all European citizens. Learn more at


Click on the regions below and watch the video with the explanations translated in their languages (Spanish, Greek, Italian, French)






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