Associate Memberships

Memberships are an important element to the Network’s overall strategy and the benefits for its members.


WIA-Women In Aerospace Europe


WIA is passionate about expanding women’s opportunities for leadership and increasing their visibility in the aerospace sector. Part of the NEREUS activities is to promote space awareness towards female and young audiences and supports gender equality in research and career development. Furthermore, NEREUS addresses through its projects the need for more women and girls to study or follow a career in the space domain (eg. Space Girls Space Women). By being a WIA member, NEREUS is close to its mission’s objectives whilst its members can grab any opportunities arise from WIA such as programmes connecting with like-minded professionals through local communities, space events, awards, grants programmes, training workshops, networking, local groups and much more.

 Kangaroo Group


The Kangaroo Group, Free Movement and Security, is an association of cross-party Members of the European Parliament, Commission and Council and representatives of industry and academia working to enhance European unity step by step around the pursuit of common projects. The objective is the further realisation of the European Home Market with a safe and prosperous Europe for its citizens; the removal of any remaining barriers to the four freedoms (free movement of goods, persons, services and capital); a regulatory environment in Europe which ensures and improves the competitiveness of European industry in world markets; a competitive social market economy founded on the principle of subsidiarity; the stability of the Euro; effective measures to make the external borders of the Union safe but at the same time open for trade; a common security and defence policy. NEREUS joins the group to further promote the regional dimension in the political discussions, contribute in the organisation of relevant conferences and establish collaboration with key stakeholders.



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