NEREUS General Assembly 2019 follow-up!

NEREUS General Assembly 2019 was held on 14th May 10.00-14.30 at the European Committee of Regions in Brussels. The network welcomed more than 60 participants and space experts from all over around Europe including regional and political representatives, EU representatives, industry and academia.


On this occasion, NEREUS served as a platform for its members offering them the opportunity to have an exchange on recent developments concerning the regional dimension of the EU space policy, current trends in space investments and programmes for the regions and discuss an enumeration of benefits for the regions coming from the use of  EU space applications and services.


The programme was enriched with presentations from regional representatives sharing their positive experience with the ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs) initiative to help the creation of start-ups/companies and increase job opportunities. In addition to this, the programme presented impulsive talks and interventions from space experts:


  • Impulse Talk on new Space Equity Fund by Maria Vittoria D’INZEO, European Commission
  • Impulse talk on ESA Business Applications programme by Roberto Cossu, European Space Agency
  • Impulse Interventions by South Holland on their experience “Setting up of the Noordwijk Space Campus”
  • “Technologies from Space Exploration” Laura Gatti, Thales Alenia


Below you can find:

  • the presentations:

ESA BIC _Mazovia

ESA BIC_Bretagne


ESA BIC_Hessen & Baden-Württemberg

ESA BIC_Madrid

ESA BIC_Podkarpackie

ESA BIC_Wallonia

ESA Business Applications_Cossu

Impulse food for thoughts on commercial perspectives from space Exploration_Gatti

Space Campus_South_Holland

Space Equity Fund by Maria Vittoria


  • the published report of NEREUS networking activities 2018:



The annual event concluded with the statutory affairs and the election of the new NEREUS management board.






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