Space girls Space women at L’Abbaye de Villers 26 July- 18 August (Liege, Wallonia)

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the man’s first step on the Moon, the association managing the l’Abbaye de Villers-la-Ville organised a launch event on Wednesday 26 June at 14.00 at L’Abbaye de Villers (map).


Space Girls Space Women, the mobile photo-exposition shared by NEREUS’ partners was presented for the second time in Wallonia this year (2019) at the scenic venue of the l’Abbaye de Villers. Marie-José Laloy, president of the association that manages the Abbaye opened the exposition and highlighted that the commitment of man and women is needed to grasp the opportunities of space. The Walloon Public Services represented by Nathalie STEPHENNE and Roya Ayazi, NEREUS Secretary-General attended the opening of the exposition and delivered short impulse intervention explaining scope and objectives of the exposition as well as its story on the NEREUS-platform.


Attracting women and girls to choose jobs and careers in an important and fascinating space domain is a challenge in almost all regions across Europe. Thus the exhibition aims at showcasing the broad range of opportunities in the space sector with portraits by female reporters of women with their heads in the stars, passionate about space, and contributing to the space adventure with their daily work. It gives a vivid testimony that many women and girls successfully pursue careers and study projects in space.



The exposition is open to the public in one of the most beautiful gardens of the Abbay and will be at display from 26 June till 18 August 2019. For more practical information, you can download the leaflet (only French version) or visit the website of the Abbay:





In parallel, the works of the Belgian sculptor and painter Paul Van Hoeydonck- famous all over the world for his popular work of art: Fallen Astronaut- will be displayed from 26 June till 18 August 2019. You can download the leaflet (only French version).



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