Follow-up Webinar on ‘Space Girls Space Women’ & ‘Space for a Sustainable World’ on 7 October 2020

The Network organised a dedicated web session to present its flagship projects “Space Girls Space Women” and “Space for a Sustainable World” on Wednesday, 07th October 2020!


The co-creators of ‘Space Girls Space Women’, Ms Fiorella Coliolo and Mr. Benoit Delplanque discussed among others:


  • the role of regions in the implementation of the project;
  • the idea behind the exhibition;
  • the importance for women and girls to study or follow a career in the area of space;


NEREUS members (Abruzzo, Madrid and Wallonia) who hosted the mobile exposition had the opportunity to share their experiences with the audience and interact with the co-creators. Furthermore, other participants shared their views on how this exhibition as a tool motivates women working for space (‘Women in Copernicus’ project). We strongly encourage more members to grasp the opportunity and become one of the hosting regions in 2020!


Furthermore, Ms Coliolo and Mr Delplanque presented their next exhibition ‘Space for a Sustainable World’ which is about the key role of space technologies in the transition towards a sustainable planet while showing how younger generations are empowered and involved in this transition through space technologies. NEREUS is a co-sponsor of this exhibition encouraging members to bring it to their regions and stimulating cooperation within and between regions. Other co-sponsors (CNES) of the same exhibition highlighted that it will address important questions such as sustainability, climate change, and the future workforce in space while underlying the crucial role of regions as the perfect vector across these thematics. Finally, the co-creators discussed with regions the possibility that they propose profiles for this new project.


You can watch the webinar here:



Download the presentations:


  • Roya Ayazi, NEREUS Secretary General (link);
  • Nathalie Stéphenne, Public Service Wallonia (link);
  • Teresa Barbado Salmerón, Fundación para el Conocimiento Madrid (link);
  • Lucia Marinangeli, Universita’ G. d’Annunzio, Abruzzo (link);
  • Marie Jaggaile (link).


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