Follow-up: THE SAFETY AND SECURITY DIMENSION OF SPACE IV: EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence – the use of space for security and defence on 4/4

During the 4th session held on April 4th, 2023 from 9:30 to 10:30, the audience was introduced to the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence. This strategy was jointly published by the European Commission and the EEAS on March 10th, 2023, as communicated in the provided links. The focus of the discussion was on utilizing space for security and defense, and the panel featured esteemed speakers. Ms. Roya Ayazi, NEREUS Secretary-General led the discussion, and attendees, including company representatives and regional stakeholders, were invited to share their perspectives on space-based security and defense.


In his presentation, Guillaume de la Brosse from DG Defis (European Commission) provided an overview of the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence and explained how it relates to the use of space. The speaker specifically discussed several activities that are included in the strategy, such as taking military needs and requirements into account for EU space-based defense services, launching two pilot projects – the New Copernicus governmental service and Initial Space Domain Awareness services, promoting innovation through collaborations between space, security, and defense start-ups, and enhancing skills to further develop space services for security and defense purposes. During the Q&A session, Mr. de la Brosse emphasized that short-term actions can be taken by utilizing existing programs, such as the two pilot projects, and he also stressed the need to establish customized rules that will only impact the specific service being tested, rather than affecting the entire Copernicus programme.



Following Mr. de la Brosse’s presentation, the next speaker was Olivier MICHEL from Unseen Labs, a company based in the Brittany region of France. The speaker discussed the company’s unique mono-satellite technology, which is dedicated to maritime domain awareness and can detect and geolocate dark vessels at sea. This type of technology has the potential to be used for safety and security purposes in the European sector.



Ms. Constanze Wolf from the Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Württemberg (a NEREUS Associate member), highlighted the work of their company’s working groups, which focus on security and legislation. The Forum will take part in the development of their region’s space strategy. The Commission could benefit from the expertise of the region in Newspace as they work towards implementing their strategy.


Regarding skills development, Mr. de la Brosse emphasized that building development skills within public administration is one of the key priorities of the EU Space Strategy for Security and Defence. This includes addressing skills shortages and updating relevant curricula at the regional level.


Important info: DG DEFIS is hosting the EDF Info Days 2023 in response to the publication of the European Defence Fund (EDF) Work Programme 2023 on 30 March. The event will be held on 28-29 June in both in-person and online formats, enabling attendees to participate remotely or attend in-person in Brussels. The first day will feature a presentation by DG DEFIS on the EDF 2023 calls for proposals, including detailed information on the submission process. The second day will offer a unique opportunity for international networking, allowing attendees to collaborate on defence research and development projects and form winning consortia. Participants will have the chance to showcase their expertise and pitch their ideas, as well as schedule one-to-one meetings with other attendees. The event is open to potential applicants from both public and private entities based in EU Member States and Norway, with further information on eligibility for EDF funding provided on the EDF webpage.


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