Follow-up: Education and training in the space sector VIII: EU large scale partnerships, 12 October 2023

On the 12th of October, NEREUS organised its 8th infosession on education and training in the space sector, which delved into the pivotal role of Large Scale Skills Partnerships under the EC Initiative Pact for Skills, exploring how these partnerships could fortify support for the implementation of key EU Space Strategies. The panel featured representatives from academia, EU institutions, and the industry, who actively participated in a dynamic debate, sharing their perspectives and experiences.


Maria Vittoria D’Inzeo, a Policy Officer at the European Commission provided detailed insights into these partnerships and elucidated on their significant contributions to EU Agenda policies. Further contributing to the discourse, Milva Carbonaro, the coordinator and Director of GISIG, spotlighted the SPACE4GEO initiative, a Large Scale Partnership that harnesses the outcomes of EO4GEO.


Maria Vittoria D’Inzeo


Milva Carbonaro


The conversation extended to include input from two NEREUS members who emphasized the regional dimension within this framework. Professor Tadeusz Uhl from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland, highlighted the university’s involvement in EU large-scale space initiatives. Mirko Mazzarolo, the regional representative of the Veneto region in Brussels, shared insights into SATSDIFACTION, an Interreg program aimed at capacity building and skills action.


Mirko Mazzarolo

Tadeusz Uhl

Tadeusz Uhl


In a culmination of the session, the speakers engaged in an active discussion, addressing questions posed by the moderator and the audience. The focus of the discussion encompassed regional development, exploring how the Pact for Skills could ensure that its support for upskilling and reskilling aligns with the specific needs and challenges of diverse regions. Emphasis was placed on the role of regional customization in achieving successful outcomes in the context of the broader EU Space Strategies.

Ms Margarita Chrysaki moderated the panel.


You may watch the full webinar here




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