Follow-up: Space Data for Sustainable Tourism with Emphasis on Water Scarcity – EUSPA/Cassini initiative and activities related to tourism and water, 17 May, 10-11.30 (Brussels time)

On the 17th of May, 10-11.30 (Brussels time), NEREUS organised a webinar on sustainable tourism with emphasis on water scarcity – euspa/cassini initiative and activities related to tourism and water. Presentations can be downloaded below. The webinar was moderated by Roya Ayazi, NEREUS Secretary-General.


Elena Blanco Villar, on behalf of the Catalan Tourism agency gave an overview on the promotion strategy of its region. The National Commitment for Responsible Tourism aims to create a transformative tourism model in Catalonia that is environmentally sustainable, socially just, and regionally balanced. It emphasizes well-being beyond economic prosperity by incorporating environmental, social, and cultural sustainability, involving all stakeholders including tourists, residents, and industries. The initiative outlines a phased approach to adapt tourism practices to align with environmental limits, innovation, and equitable development, aiming to combat climate change, reduce waste, and promote local culture and accessibility.



Daniela Iasillo on behalf of Planetek Italia, presented the Map2Fish: a Fish stock service for tourism: Coastal and maritime tourism is a significant and growing sector within the Blue Economy, with fishing tourism as a niche segment that has seen an increase in popularity due to its potential for increased revenue. The Map2Fish service aims to simplify the decision-making process for fishing tourism operators and enthusiasts by providing information on pelagic fish concentration probabilities and parameters such as sea surface temperature, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll-a concentration, water transparency, currents, and waves. This service addresses a growing economic sector and can lead to more successful fishing trips, cost minimization, and development of services for customers. Map2Fish – A fish stock service for tourism | Copernicus 



Maria Jose Escorihuela on behalf of the Catalan company, isardSAT presented continuous SAR-based coastline change monitoring services and methodologies.



Peter Vanik on behalf of EUSPA introduced the EUSPA/Cassini initiative and present some Cassini start-up activities related to sustainable tourism touching upon: 

  •  environmental indicators for tourism destinations  
  • water management in “active” tourism – golf courses 
  • coastal water quality monitoring for resort tourism with EO 
  • snow monitoring – replenishment of groundwater 



Watch here the full discussion



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