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  • Copernicus4regions webinars: users interviews

Here you will find all users & politicians interviews displayed during the Copernicus4regions webinars


  1. How Copernicus helps European regions to better preserve and grow Europe’s forests (23/09/2021)


Thuringia region, Germany Mazovia region, Poland Devon region, UK Finland

Statement by Member of European Parliament Mauri Pekkarinen


2. How Copernicus helps Europe’s regions to increase resilience to climate change: user stories about water management (05/10/2021)


Iceland Denmark Central region, Denmark Sardinia region, Italy

Statement by Juan Espadas (ES/PES), Mayor of Seville, Chair of the Committee of the Regions’ working group “Green Deal Going Local” Statement by Hana Zdanowska (Mayor of Łódź, Member of the Committee of the Regions’ working group “Green Deal Going Local”, Ambassador on the Climate Pact)


3. How Copernicus helps Europe’s regions to support biodiversity and environmental protection (26/10/2021)


Salzburg, Austria Catalonia, Spain Berlin, Germany La Gomera, Spain

PowerPoint presentation by Richard Lucas, (Europe) (link).

Statement by Isabel Carvalhais (Member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and Member of the Committee on Fisheries) Statement by Niklas Nienass (Member of the Committee on Regional Development)


4. How Copernicus supports Europe’s regions to improve prevention and preparedness to natural disasters (18/11/2021)


Central Macedonia, Greece Hauts de France, France Slovenia

PowerPoint presentation by Danielle Spizzichinio (Italy) (link).

statement by Younous Omarjee, president of the EP-Committee on Regional Development statement by Jutta Paulus, Member of the EP-Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety statement by Theodoros Papadopoulos, Mayor of Thermi (Central Macedonia region, GR)


5. How Copernicus helps Europe’s regions to innovate public administrations and the delivery of public policies (03/02/2022)


Central Macedonia, Greece Brittany, France Presentation by dr. Branka Cuca

PowerPoint presentation by Emilie Beriaux (Wallonia) (link).


Statement by the Secretary of Culture, Science and Digital Transition – Dr. Susete Amaro – of the Regional Government of Azores



Full webinar



Copernicus perspectives by European regional users and politicians”


In this video, politicians, and users share their views on a) the role of regions as protagonists in the use of Copernicus, b) Copernicus as a tool to address environmental and climate challenges, c) Copernicus4regions initiative part of successful cooperation in Europe, and d) Copernicus as support to Europe and its citizens.



Copernicus, a solution to the challenges of Public Administrations”


In this video, the users explain their main challenge and why they choose Copernicus as a tool to tackle the problem in their regions. This is the sixth Copernicus4regions video showcasing nine more interviewees from 6 different countries (France, Norway, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, and Latvia) who share best practices with the objective to inspire other regions to use Copernicus for the benefit of the citizens.




Copernicus, a solution to the challenges of Public Administrations” (extended version)


In this extended version, some users explain the added value of Sentinel data compared to traditional techniques. Watch more here:




The following 5 promotional videos describe how different administrations across Europe have tackled similar challenges in a concrete context such as civil infrastructure, agriculture, environmental protection, urban planning and coastal management using Copernicus satellite data and information.


Click on the regions below and watch the video with the explanations translated in their languages (Spanish, Greek, Italian, French)





NEREUS in cooperation with the European Space Agency and the European Commission moves on with the production of the Copernicus4regions teaser!

This dynamic teaser serves as a synopsis of the whole initiative with the objective to:

  • Emphasize the important role of European local and regional authorities using Copernicus;
  • Highlight the interregional element of this initiative;
  • Showcase the different elements that compose this initiative: a) publication, b) videos/native material c) events at the European Parliament.





Translated teaser!


You can, also, watch the teaser with subtitles in the following languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish


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